We are a fast developing company providing services mainly for the paper industry . We guarantee service on-time, accurate and professional execution of tasks entrusted to us .

To ensure the highest level of our services we dispose of qualified repair brigade , including such valuable experts as precise welders . We are taking part in planned shutdowns of machines , support the maintenance and promptly react to emergency failures .

We are distinguished by individual approach to the customer and immediate readiness to undertake the work . We understand perfectly well known ' time is money ' and the same time we respect the customer reliably fulfilling the required deadlines and timeframes ..


    Dismantling and installation of machines, equipments
    Mechanical works in main and one-day’s plant shutdowns
    Repairs and modernization of:
  • mechanical equipments
  • all types of energy and technological equipments
  • belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, currycomb conveyors, screw conveyors, scraper conveyors
  • bearing exchange, valves,
  • steam heads exchange with the siphone system in drying section
  • inspection of drying cylinders, verification of press, felt rolls bearings
    Regeneration parts by hardfacing and machining
    Welding of ferritic and austenitic steels , aluminum and non-ferrous metal in active and neutral gas Welding methods acc PN EN ISO 24063 that we use:
    Spawamy metodą wg PN EN ISO 24063:
  • manual metal arc welding -111
  • MAG -135, TIG – 141
  • combination welding141/111
    We have qualification acc to standard: PN-EN 287-1:2011, PN-EN ISO 15614-1

    Steel machining:

  • rolling and cutting of sheet metals, resistance welding
  • steel sections cutting
  • machining: turning, milling and drilling
    Building works, investments and overhaul in different industry: building, ventilation, air-conditioning, water and sewage, central heating,



Prefabrication and assembly of comprehensive technological and technical installations made of stainless and acid-resistant steels.
Manufacture, repairs and assembly of:

  • technological installation
  • industry installation
  • pipelines installation


Production and assembly of different kind of steel construction. Platforms and service landings made from carbon, alloy steel and aluminium including technical documentation

Construction of hall and industry buildings such as:
  • trestles
  • landings
  • stairs
  • stepladders
  • barrier
  • supports
  • brackets
  • beams


Manufacture, modernization and repairs… EwiKor is authorised by Technical Supervision Office UDT company to modernize, repair and inspection of tanks:

  • pressure and low-pressure tank for toxic and corrosive materials,
  • non-pressure and low-pressure tanks for liquid flammable-metal materials,
  • technological pipeline for flammable materials,
  • technological pipeline for toxic and corrosive materials,
  • pressure tanks
The scope of modernization contains bonding metals and plastic processing


We have a professional service, excellent specialized technicians and engineers who can handle any malfunction of any device in the field of industrial automation.



We offer powder coating of metal elements in a wide range of colors from the RAL and colors specially selected for the requirements of the customer and sandblasting We have a powder paint workshops dimensions 9000x1700x2000mm

We use technologies for powder coating of :

  • trestle
  • handles, fastenings
  • safety barriers
  • industrial constructions, landings
  • and for any others needs of our Client
We guarantee a hard coating that is resistant to mechanical and chemical factors , overheating and direct effects of the weather .

Ewikor Sp. z o.o.

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