EwiKor Sp. z o.o. specializes in providing comprehensive services for the paper industry, chemical and petrochemical, performs repairs of paper machines and equipment. Over the last 6 years the company has also developed its business in the areas of automated technology, welded structures, tanks and industrial installations. Thereby maintaining the leading position in mechanical and welding services. With its own powder paint workshop also goes beyond the papermaking industry.

The company headquarters is located in Świecie on 1 Bydgoska Street, within the industrial zone of pulp and paper plant Mondi, for which over the years as a reliable partner providing repair services of paper machines.

The dynamic development of the company allowed a number of investments, currently underway works on the construction of the new workshop hall. Improvements also in terms of quality management systems are implemented, ie. ISO 9001: 2015, PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-EN ISO 3834, PN-EN ISO 1090, EXC, CE and PN-N 18001 . The company also has the qualifications in accordance with pressure directive of PED 97/23 / EC

NIP: 559 204 25 77
REGON: 360285200
KRS: 0000534709
DUNS 427445147